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Solomon Takes a Vacation

Happy Wednesday TSJ Readers,

Solomon, our wisdom whisperer is on vacation with SJ.

May I just take a few moments and say a very public thank you?

Most of you know that The Shared Journey Life Coaching Practice and weekly blog-post check- ins rose out of my dream to love, support and encourage people (“peeps”) in the grit and grime of daily living to discover and embrace the gifts of grace and growth waiting to be unwrapped. Each day is an opportunity to discover greatness in the grittiness of suffering or fatigue much like waiting for that little rose bud to peek out and eventually open up in the midst of the thorns. My stepdaughter and her husband gave us mothers a rose bush for Mother’s Day.  It teaches me about life as I watch over it and care for it. Just when I think I may have ruined it or done something wrong (kind of like being a parent, right?) it surprises me with its growth. And its beauty.

Like those rose buds that blossom, I am thankful for your love and support. Friends, fans and family and various seekers from all walks of life – patiently plow through Wednesday Wisdoms to stay in touch and find “a little something” to ponder. What comes to mind is my favorite Winnie-the-Pooh character who is mostly looking for a little love and something sweet on his travels with his friends.

I do not mean to imply we are all Pooh Bears, but we do share the simple things of friends and food in common. I hope Wednesday Wisdom dribbles do provide you with a “little something” – a little pick-me upper – on those days you need a soulful lift.

As is true for all meaningful relationships, I receive from you far more than I deserve and more than I could possibly give.  I have been blessed these last few years with your words of encouragement and your critiques and most of all for your permission for me to “just do it.”  Without your patience I would not have allowed Solomon and SJ be my voice.  And they are what makes my blog letters fun for me to write.  I hope it inspires others to “let go” of fears of ridicule and dream your dreams and sing your own songs and play in the pastures of life while you figure out where you are actually heading.

I am noticing all kinds of things about life these days that reflect my own aging process as I look back on life. I can see more and more what lasts and what does not last.  What brings peace and what brings conflict, tension and anxiety. Most of all I continue to see that love is the common denominator that brings satisfaction, hope, happiness and growth.

So, I thank you one and all.  I enjoy your emails and your inspiring texts. I miss many of you of late as Mr. John and I are working to sell a house and continue the downsizing process for him and the uniting process for us as a couple cozily settling into TSJ headquarters where Solomon will keep us in touch with you.

I plan to join Solomon and SJ on vacation this next week. See you shortly!  Enjoy your summer days in the pastures of life. I know Solomon would want me to say that.



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