About Margie and TSJ

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About Margie . .  

Margie is a certified and experienced life coach whose natural passion and gift is encouraging  people through personal and life challenges. 

She warmly embraces each person’s story and is skilled in helping people discover their inner strengths and wisdom while discovering their unique gifts on their journey to wholeness. Her life experiences of being shepherded through tough times adds a personal touch to her work/play as a life coach.

But – It Is ALL About You  at TSJ!  . . . What is your story?

Are you confused? Worried?  Is your emotional, spiritual or physical fuel tank running low? Need a tune up? . . .  or . . . a jump start?

At The Shared Journey you will find the power of shared story and wisdom. Hundreds of people have found renewal, hope and fulfillement as they experience being deeply heard and understood.

Margie often uses the inherent power of story to help people tap into their inner wisdom. Solomon, a stuffed sheep, comes to life in her weekly tidbits of wisdom and life lessons.

My Story ….

I believe our childhood history often shapes our future in surprising ways.

I grew up on a large farm and found a relationship with Mother Nature and God as my primary source of solace and guidance for all the troubles childhood brought me. And there were many.

For many reasons, my self-esteem was profoundly eroded. I struggled with deep feelings of failure and shame. Out of the ashes of suffering rose an intense desire to understand human behavior. To this day, I believe with understanding comes compassion and awareness of both ourselves and others. I also find it helpful to discover psychological strategies and spiritual truths to sustain us in difficult times.  

Professional Info . . .

I graduated from Houghton College with a bachelor of arts degree (BA) in elementary education. After teaching, becoming a mom, and working in a mental health clinic for several years, I returned to school and earned a master of science degree (MS) and certificate of advanced studies (CAS) in school psychology from SUNY Oswego.

Before retiring as a school psychologist, I earned a certificate of life coaching (CLC) from the Institute for Life Coach Training, accredited by the International Coaching Federation.

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Additional Trivia You Might Like to Know  . . .

I enjoy the simple things of life such as reading, walking, and spending time in conversation over meals with friends and family. 

My husband’s death on Dec.15,2014 has become one more of life’s experiences that helps strengthen my belief  that what really matters above all else are three things:  “faith, hope, and love; the greatest of these is love.”  Taken from the Bible’s words for the church at Corinth. (1st Corinthians, chapter 13.)  Because more than ever I realize Love never dies. 

A year ago I remarried and now live in a small home with John who has also known grief as his late wife passed away two months after Tom.  Together we are forging a new life that is supported greatly by our love of our late spouses and happy memories.

Finding Courage and Wisdom on the Path to Wholeness

Meet Solomon and SJ

The Signature Solomon Smile

I invite you to set aside logic for a moment and enter a creative and open-minded space in your heart and brain to indulge fantasy.

You guessed it. Solomon is a stuffed sheep. Not just any stuffed sheep, mind you.  He is adorable and has accumulated collective wisdom.  Of course, his “wisdom” is a projection of our imaginations and life experiences that create stories we can relate to. Call it “right brain” thinking if that helps.

Since I like the metaphor of shepherding, which involves knowledge, practiced skills, quality care and wise leadership, it seems like a grand idea to have an earthy creature (sheep) represent us “mortals.”

So when I received this big sheep as a gift from my late husband, Tom, I named him Solomon after King Solomon of biblical fame, who was reportedly the wisest king who ever lived.  And that is how Solomon became our TSJ symbol of wisdom.

He came to help us tap into our inner wisdom, creative energy, and simple, uncluttered and un-contaminated joy.

It is tough in the “pastures of life” and we all need guidance to help us understand how to shepherd one another well.

Solomon has been with TSJ for over five years. Three years ago Solomon Junior (AKA “SJ”) joined TSJ to keep us in touch with youthful curiosity, wonder and mischief. He keeps Solomon very busy explaining how things work in the world of people.

SJ Receiving Solomon Type Wisdom.
SJ Receiving Solomon Type Wisdom.

 SJ helps highlight the child within us who tends to need some maturing and refining and Solomon represents that quiet, soulful voice we have such a hard time listening to in the hustle, bustle of our busy lives.

So, let your imagination roll. Experience the joy of learning life-lessons in light-hearted ways.

Solomon shows up each Wednesday with Tales and Tidbits of Wisdom. He agreed to share his signature smile with you every Wednesday.  

Since he is rapidly growing up, SJ (Solomon Junior) also frequently joins in the conversations (or shows up in our WW tales)  

We would love for you to become a TSJ subscriber.  We all have those days when we face tough challenges and need extra strength and wisdom or a simple story to touch our hearts.

So please sign in the box at the bottom of the page for weekly wisdom where Solomon’s grin shows up to keep you smiling.

But, remember, Solomon does not come without being invited! Wisdom calls for respect…not coercion or intrusion.

Happy Shepherding,

Margie and Solomon