Finding Courage and Wisdom on the Path to Wholeness


In times of joy, sorrow, worry, and longings, my life has been guided by books.  I am so deeply grateful for authors who have spent time inviting us to become more than we are. Although I have not written personal reviews of these books for you, I can tell you that each one has influenced my life when I needed it.

If you should choose to buy any of these recommended books from Amazon directly from this site, as an affiliate, I will earn a few cents. A portion (10%) of this money will go to a nonprofit organization (PAZAPA) in memory and honor of my cousin, Jon Scholes, whose young life was taken by cancer while actively serving handicapped children in Haiti. (PAZAPA, in Haitian Creole, means “step by step.”) His parents have tirelessly dedicated much time and talent for this organization in honor of their son. Parenting is a never ending act of love and sacrifice. 

Thank you for your support!